There are still kindergarten places available for 2022.

Kindergarten registrations will open from April the year prior to your child's Kindergarten year.

Council supports access to 2 years of kindergarten for all eligible children.


- Each funded kindergarten session for 3YO in 2022 is marked as 'proposed' as Council reserves the right to adjust sessions to reflect the demand for Council provided 3 year old funded kindergarten at individual service locations.


Council recognises importance of local partnership.


- Families should note that there may also be current community providers of 3YO groups in Council facilities who are intending to seek authorisation from the Victorian State Government to also offer 5 hours of funded kindergarten in 2022. Should families wish to enrol in these services, they should contact the community provider directly.  Details of current community providers of 3YO services in Council facilities can be found on Council's website Providers of 3YO Kindergarten in Knox



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